Familial Threads

Curatorial collective Re-curators present Familial Threads. This group show of five emerging young artists mediates on the material culture that has informed their contemporary artistic practices. The show speaks to ideas of weaving specific cultural and personal memories into a Fine Art practice that has often canonised particular kinds of material conventions.

Cow Mash, Letlalo laka (detail), 2019


Artists: Alka Dass
Cow Mash
Bulumko Mbete
Zenande Mketeni
Inga Somdyala
Curators: Re-curators:
Amogelang Maledu
Thembakazi Matroshe
Luvuyo Equiano

Familial Threads: an exploration of Art through familiar materials explores the relationship of how familial materials and archives form a significant part of artistic practice, especially in the work of selected contemporary artists: Alka Dass, Cow Mash, Bulumko Mbete, Inga Somdyala and Zenande Mketeni. Through the various materials the artists use – blankets, faux leather, beads and grass mats, the showcase tacitly examines the McLuhanian idea of how the medium is the message.  By using non-traditional art materials, these artists turn to a material culture that speaks to their personal lives and memories. Familial Threads explores how materiality can thread creativity and challenge social dominant discourse around conventions of artistic practice.

The chosen artists, all trained as Fine Artists, continue to democraticise the range of mediums a Fine Art practice can include as they open themselves up to using ubiquitous objects that speak to their personal memories, histories, cultures, families and identities.