Brazil-based GAL Art & Research crosses the Atlantic for the first time to show a selection of works by Aline Xavier, As Talavistas, Carolina Botura, Erreerre, Julia Panadés, Nydia Negromonte, Rodrigo Borges, Saquinho de Lixo and José Bento. Artworks reflect the artists' gestures and existential feelings in a time of uncertainty and loss.

Carolina Botura, Lu, 2019


Artists: Aline Xavier
As Talavistas
Carolina Botura
Julia Panadés
José Bento
Nydia Negromonte
Rodrigo Borges
Saquinho de Lixo
Curators: GAL art & research:
Aline Xavier
Laura Barbi

The current political time in Brazil is intertwined with uncertainty and darkness for most of the population: the winning party openly prioritise private neoliberal interests over the construction of common wealth and the defense for basic human rights. As a reflection, the streets have been taken over by manifestations against the government’s new politics. Immense Sky, Here Abyss is the tile of a work by the artist Erreerre, whose multimedia practice includes drawings, paintings, collage and assembled objects depicting pain and inner feelings of agony and violence. Erreerre’s work reflects the feeling of loss and is contrasted with the colourful presence of the artworks by Rodrigo Borges, Carolina Botura, Aline Xavier and Julia Panadés. The works relate to practices that are overlooked in current consumerist times of an individualistic and profit driven society. The communal, the circular, the feminine, textures and graphic patterns taken from natural observation. Feminine Flags by Panadés speaks to our intimacy and the female body, by using natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk tinted with organic materials which are hand sawed forming a number of variations that resemble the female organ. Botura, in her series Lu, continues her search for order amidst chaos, bringing manic colours in oil paintings made in a detained and meditative gesture. Borges departs from indigenous graphics and symbols to produce objects and collages using tape, resulting in plastic textiles. Xavier documents popular culture transposing boat names to hand painted signs. “Mistério” (in Portuguese, Mistery) evokes the presence of the invisible and ritualistic, values that are in the base of traditional cultures.

GAL Art & Research

GAL is an art and research project from Brazil that occupies empty spaces to show independent art. It also holds an online presence aimed at new commercial approaches, forming new collectors and dealing art with transparency.