Street view

Olwandle Studio presents their first ever exhibition, showing a selection of their latest screenprinted collaborations and other editions. They seek to take a street view and explore the theme of sincerity, opening our eyes to areas of society that are often overlooked.

Nehama, The art of being alone, (detail)

Project description

Artists: Sebastian Borckenhagen
Allison Klein
Francis Burger
Bolelang Leepile
Curator: Olwandle studio:
Amaya Delmas

Based in Victoria Yards, Johannesburg, and run by French printmaker and designer Amaya Delmas, Olwandle Studio aims to produce beautiful limited edition screenprints. They work with contemporary artists, and try to infuse traditional handprinted techniques to bring quality, longevity and texture to their work. The studio is still quite young. For their first ever show, they will work around the theme of sincerity, exploring areas of society that are often overlooked. They have selected the work of a group artists – Sebastian Borckenhagen, Allison Klein, Nehama and Francis Burger – who have recently collaborated with the studio. Their works capture vivid stories and images born from their urban explorations; interactions inspired by the every day, with utmost sincerity. 

In addition, Olwandle Studio will present print editions by artists making work on the periphery of the traditional art circuit, based in areas such Soweto, including the work of Bolelang Leepile, who reflects on how Africans view themselves in the present, while imagining a future without the use of western methodologies.