Warther Dixon

In their light installation titled The Dual Door, creative duo Warther Dixon seek to allow visitors a unified experience of duality.

Warther Dixon, The Dual Door, 2019

The Dual

Artists: Warther Dixon
Curator: UNDERLINE projects

The Dual Door by collective Warther Dixon is a set of two light sculptures placed in conversation with each other. The work was first presented at the lower and upper parts of the Nirox river, as part of The Power of Site exhibition. The duo sought to allow visitors a unified experience of duality. A door, to the duo, represents a choice. “Choice, by nature, requires a person to select one option over another; front or back? Forwards or backwards? Pink or orange? A or B?” By consisting of two opposing colours of light, facing in opposing directions The Dual Door stands as an experience of ‘both and’. It faces both forward and backward. It is both pink and orange. The light it is made of is both a wave and a particle. By confounding the traditional conception of binary based decision making they offer the potential for an alternative, harmonised embodied learning.

Now, in a new and different environment, The Dual Door is presented as part of the SITE series at the UNDERLINE show, which features installations that need to be negotiated, passed through or offer engagement within the rough and industrial context of the Museum of African Design.


Caitlin Warther & Wendy Dixon are an artist duo who collaborate on mirror and light based installation sculptures. Their work creates perceptual experiences that question themes of time, identity and spirit.